911-job Internet-Employment service
911-Job Help
Our solutions for employment agencies,
corporate sites,
Internet portals.

If your Agency:
  • have your own site in the Internet
  • Is interested in usage of our software product under the name of your company,

  • You can take advantage of our special offering.

    We are create the special set of pages of our server in the style of your company site.

    It will be possible to take advantage of all tools of our server, from a site of your company.

    The visitors of your site will see vacancies of your agency.

    You can use our server for information processing and use it possibilities
    for work with your clients (the Jobseekers and Employers).

    You can select other sites of the 911-JOB network,
    with which you would like to interchange the data (vacancies and CV).

    You will not need to do of any additional expenses for site hosting
    or for extension of technical possibilities of your server
    for support of working of our system, because all transaction processing
    will occur on our server.

    In case of you are interested in our offering
    ask the additional information: info@911-job.ru

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