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How to subscribe for new CV

To receive the information on the new Jobseekers who have published CV on 911-Job
you can subscribe for new CV.
You can create one or several subscriptions simultaneously.
To call the subscription form you need to use the link "Subscribe".
The fields of the subscription form:

  • Subscription title - enter the title of the subscription,
    this title will be displayed in the list of subscriptions on your personal working page.
    It is useful to use the position title as the title of subscription.

  • Categories - select one or several categories,
    you will receive the CV of Jobseekers who are looking for work of this type.
    You have possibility to create several subscriptions.
    It is useful to create the set of subscriptions, one for each category
    (group of categories) interesting for you.

  • Regions - select one or several regions,
    you will receive the CV of Jobseekers who are looking for work in this regions.

  • Keywords
    "also include" - you will receive the information from selected sections "Categories" and "Regions",
    and the information from others sections on keywords, preset by you.
    "only include CV with keywords" - you will receive the information only from selected sections,
    in a case if the given information comprises the indicated keywords.

  • Period - select convenient for you periodicity of sending.

  • The list of your subscriptions will be displayed on the your personal working page.
    The following items will be displayed for each subscription:

  • date of creation,
  • Period of sending,
  • date of the last sending,
  • quantity of CV collected from the moment of the last sending.

  • Link Browse in the Collected column, allow you to browse
    the CV collected from the moment of the last sending.

    CV title in the list of CV is a link that allow you to open CV detail page.
    You can send your offering to Jobseeker by using the offering form
    in the "Offer the job" section of CV detail page.

    Your offering will be sent to Jobseeker by email and will be stored in the
    "Your offerings to Jobseekers" section of your personal working page.
    In this section will be collected the offerings that you sent to Jobseekers
    and your negotiations with Jobseekers.

    You can change the settings of your subscription, by means of action Change.
    You can delete the subscription by means of action Delete.

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