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How to publish a vacancy

After registration you have possibility to publish a vacancies.
Up to 2001-12-01 the period of publishing for your vacancies will be automatically set to 30 days.
In further you will have possibility to select the period, necessary for publication of your vacancies.

The form for publishing a vacancy consists of two parts:
"Vacancy description".

The description of the fields for each of these parts is given below.

"Ad" part

  • Ad title - the brief text of your ad about hiring staff.

    Important!!!    The title of the ad is a key item at the time when Jobseeker browse the list of the vacancies.
    The Jobseekrs interest to your ad depends on how attractively it will be.

  • Ad text - the additional information, which you want to place in the ad
    (description of the company, quantity of the employees in the company etc.)

  • "Vacancy description" part

  • Position title - the title of a position according to a list of staff

  • Category - select a categories appropriate for your vacancy

  • Payments level - enter the amount of payment, currency (dollars, roubles)
    and the period for which this money will be paid (hour, week, month etc.)

  • Compensation package - additional payments and encouragements stipulated
    for the employee (medical expense insurance, premium, compensation of the automobile etc.)

  • Address - where the work is located geographically;
    describe so in detail how it necessary (city, area of city etc.)

  • Region - Select region for show of your vacancy;
    usually it coincides with region, in which your work is located, but can be different,
    if you want to attract the candidates from other region.

  • Term of employment, Position type - select the appropriate values.

  • Position duties - duty of the employee on the this position.

  • Requirements to candidate (qualification)- the derivation, skills etc. which candidate should have.

  • Experience - if you need candidate with appropriate experience, describe this experience.

  • Number of vacancies - enter the quantity of vacancies.

  • Special sections - If any of sections corresponds to your vacancy - mark it.
    In this case your vacancy will be placed in appropriate sections,
    on which there is a links from the first page of our site.

  • The fields that will be displayed when Jobseekers will browsing the list of vacancies:
  • Ad title
  • Payments level
  • Company name
  • Term of employment
  • Type of position

  • Jobseekers will see the complete vacancy information, when they will selected your vacancy in the list.

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